Nonhle Thema on her Talent Coaching Academy

Nonhle Thema (Photo: Gallo)
Nonhle Thema (Photo: Gallo)

Johannesburg – TV personality Nonhle Thema is taking everything she has learned in her career and using it to mould the presenters of tomorrow.

The star announced that she will be starting her very own training academy where she will equip people, young and old, with the skills they need to make it, not only in the entertainment industry, but in business as well. 

Speaking to The Juice, Nonhle explained what her company, Talent Coaching Academy, will offer prospective students.

“What I’ll be teaching is how to be a presenter – reading scripts, writing scripts [and] how to memorise scripts if you’re an actress,” she starts, adding that her academy will also include other programs like makeup and image consulting classes.

Even though her background is in entertainment, the star says she will also offer courses that extend beyond the entertainment industry. “I’ve also catered for public speaking for women who are business owners and maybe just want to sharpen their skills.”  

Speaking about why she decided to start the academy, Nonhle says she has always received emails from fans asking her to share her knowledge on the entertainment industry with them. The star says the timing was not great back then.

“It’s just that when everyone used to ask me to help them be presenters, I think I was very focused on my own presenting at the time. So the timing couldn’t be more perfect cause I feel that I’m meant to now be a teacher and I’m just literally following what I’m supposed to do as this was not my initial plan, but it just became clearer with the people constantly asking and writing to me.” 

Besides being there to teach the classes, Nonhle says she will also invite a special guest each week to “bring a special spice” to the classes. “Classes will be every Saturday. I’ll have a morning session and an afternoon session,” she explains. 

Classes at Nonhle’s Talent Coaching Academy will start in April.