WATCH: Miss Universe takes to the streets of Johannesburg: 'My heart will always be in South Africa'

Zozibini Tunzi (Photo: Gallo/Oupa Bopape)
Zozibini Tunzi (Photo: Gallo/Oupa Bopape)

Johannesburg – The streets of Johannesburg came alive on Thursday when Miss Universe, Zozibini Tunzi, made her way through town on an open double-decker bus. 

The beauty queen is currently on her homecoming tour, with this being the first time that she is in South Africa since winning the Miss Universe crown in December 2019. 

Fans screamed with joy when they caught a glimpse of Zozi passing by on the bus. 

Speaking to the media, the 26-year-old said that she could not wait to come home and see her fans in person. 

"I've been away for such a while, and I could feel the support of South Africans, obviously, on social media. But feeling it in person is so much better." 

She added: "I'm feeling very excited to be home. I think I've been homesick for quite a while. People have been commenting on my social media saying that I'm glowing differently now that I'm home. Because my heart is in South Africa. My heart will always be in South Africa." 

Zozi's next stop on her homecoming tour will be a parade through the streets of Cape Town.