PIC: Minnie continues to flaunt her massive engagement ring

Minnie Dlamini. (Photo: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini)
Minnie Dlamini. (Photo: Instagram/Minnie Dlamini)

Cape Town - Local TV personality, Minnie Dlamini annouced her engagement on Monday and can't stop showing off her stunning rock! 

Who can blame her? 

Speaking to The Juice about her gorgeous engagement ring, Minnie said, "It was designed by Jenna Clifford. It's custom made, and it's ridiculously amazing!"

Jenna Clifford told Drum that the 13 carat handcrafted white gold engagement ring symbolises the couple's love, passion, beauty and it's value cannot be weighed on money alone.

Here's Minnie, showing off her ring to the world:

When your people bring you congratulatory gifts ??????

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