Redi Tlhabi: Power seldom puts a mirror to its face

Redi Tlhabi (Screengrab, YouTube)
Redi Tlhabi (Screengrab, YouTube)

Cape Town – Redi Tlhabi spoke to talk show host Anele Mdoda about her years on 702, butting heads with Thabo Mbeki and her father’s death when she was nine.

ICYMI: The announcement of the 39-year-old's departure from 702 took place in May. 

During the frank chat Redi speaks about her now famous interview with former president Thabo Mbeki saying that there is no beef but they haven’t done an interview together since. The mother of two also told the moving story of her father's death, which was violent and remains unsolved to this day. 

Mdoda broaches the topic of “no-go zones” with Tlhabi (meaning people or political figures that are too high up to be questioned) and the former radio host’s says that: “There are no holy cows” and “Power seldom puts a mirror to its face.”

According to an interview that the former 702 presenter gave to You Magazine, Redi is on her way to New York with her family to take up a fellowship. 

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