Sho Madjozi shares photos of herself with Cardi B at BETs

Cardi B, Sho Madjozi (Photo: Twitter/Sho Madjozi)
Cardi B, Sho Madjozi (Photo: Twitter/Sho Madjozi)

Johannesburg – Congratulatory messages are still streaming in for Sho Madjozi on social media, and now we can add Carbi B to the list of celebs who have praised the star for her BET win

According to a post shared by Sho on Twitter, US star Cardi B congratulated her in person at the award show on Sunday. 

The Tsonga rapper posted a couple of pictures of herself posing with Cardi, writing: "It was also really dope for Cardi to congratulate me!! I hope I thanked her properly, I was still excited from the award."

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While Sho Madjozi took home the BET award for Best International Act, Carbi B also walked away as a winner on the night, with two awards of her own.