Skolopad throwback photos 'before people took notice'


Johannesburg – Social media first took note of Skolopad in 2017 at the Metro FM music awards where she donned a yellow dress that did not leave much to the imagination.  

Since then the entertainer has been behind quite a few controversial stories, many of them involving her risqué dress sense.

But, as proven by the singer on Wednesday, she has been in the industry long before the Metro FM awards, people just never “noticed” her.  

“I’ve been in the entertainment but they never noticed until I make them notice me (sic),” Skolopad captioned some throwback snaps of herself.

Many of them showing the star at award shows dressed quite conservatively.  

The star added in a separate post that she will start “dressing up” again because people now know who she is. 

Take a look at her snaps here: