Somizi tests for Covid-19 and speaks out about the price of test kits in SA

Somizi (Photo: Gallo/Getty)
Somizi (Photo: Gallo/Getty)

Idols SA judge, Somizi Mhlongo, has expressed concerns about the price of the coronavirus test kit in SA, saying that many may not be able to afford it. 

The TV personality, who called off his third wedding because of Covid-19, shared a video on Instagram of himself at a private clinic getting ready to be tested for the virus. 

Somizi says when he asked how much the test would cost, he was shocked to learn that it would be between R1 400 and R1 500. 

"That broke my heart. I asked, what happens to people that can't afford it?" he says, adding that he was told that the test is available at public hospitals as well. 

The star goes on to question why it is so expensive "to test for something that is an epidemic". 

"It might get worse. Are we ready for it? Shouldn't there be mobile clinics and stuff where it's either done at a very affordable price or for free? I think this is where the department of health and the presidency needs to really, really step in and do something about it."

Before ending his video, Somizi makes it clear once again that "not everybody has access to proper clinics or hospitals, and not everyone can afford to pay" to get tested. 

In a follow-up video, the star mentions that the results of his test "are still fine for now".