Thabiso Mhlongo tells us about all his firsts

Thabiso Mhlongo (Photo: Instagram/Thabiso Mhlongo)
Thabiso Mhlongo (Photo: Instagram/Thabiso Mhlongo)

Johannesburg – SA comic Thabiso Mhlongo has proven himself as one of the best in the local scene.

But just like with any other job, in order to make it to the top of this industry, you have to do one important thing – take that first step.

So The Juice got up close and personal with this Comics Choice Awards Nominee to find out about all his firsts. 

What is the first thing that people think when they meet you? 

Normally they think I’m like a serious guy. I’ve heard a couple of times that I’ve got a corporate look. I don’t look like I tell jokes for a living, I look too serious. 

When was your first show? 

I know it was late 2014. So must have been, I think it’s Kitchener’s. In September at Kitchener’s. It went horribly. 

Do you remember the first time you were heckled on stage? 

Not really. I remember the first time I retaliated on stage. But I don’t remember the first time I got heckled. 

What about your first standing ovation? 

I don’t think I’ve had like a proper standing ovation before. I don’t know what constitutes a proper standing ovation. Cause most of the time people just clap cause you’ve finished with your set. 

First comedian your ever saw live? 

I think it was Tats Nkonzo. 

First joke you’ve ever heard? 

I remember the first joke I ever heard live. It was about South African airlines, I think, and how we are going to operate how taxi’s operate. That’s the first joke I ever remembered from a live comedy show.