Toya Delazy's heartbreaking message after her grandmother's death: 'I still don't believe it'

Toya Delazy. (Photo: Claire Bilyard)
Toya Delazy. (Photo: Claire Bilyard)

Johannesburg – Toya Delazy shared a heart-wrenching note after the death of her grandmother Princess Irene Buthelezi. 

The Heart singer took to Facebook on Tuesday, saying that she was struggling to come to terms with such a significant loss. 

"I couldn't write anything or say anything yesterday… I tried to pierce through my swollen chest dense with confusion, I tried to squeeze out the feelings that have been pent up in my gut for so many months… now your beautiful spirit is soaring with the universe. You are a warrior and hero to me [sic]," she wrote.

The star also spoke about her confusion in terms of whether or not she should return to SA from London where she now resides. 

"I either get to honour you with 2 shows here in London or I cancel everything and fly home and stand by you at your final resting place. Everything has just been so quick, so many decisions to make… I want to do what is best for us and I feel your spirit telling me to continue. I'm so conflicted and so far away. You raised me and taught me everything I know… would you want me to go on and push forward or let it go? [sic]"

News of Princess Irene Buthelezi's death spread on Monday. Princess Irene's husband, IFP president Mangosuthu Buthelezi, made the announcement saying she "passed away peacefully" after a long and difficult illness.