Trevor Noah wants Shaka Zulu version of Game of Thrones

Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty)
Trevor Noah (Photo: Getty)

Cape Town - Speaking to The New York Times, comedian Trevor Noah said that he would love to see the legendary Shaka Zulu come to life on the big screen. 

In the interview, Trevor Noah: By the Book, Trevor spoke about his favourite books, journalists and fictional hero.

When asked about his ideal adaptation of a book, his answer was surprising, "Someone needs to make a movie about Shaka, the legendary Zulu king who warred across South Africa forging the modern Zulu nation. There's battle, conquest, siblings turning on each other and murdering each other - it's better than Game of Thrones, and it's all true."

Just imagine, Shaka Zulu shot in a Game of Thrones style. We definitely got a winner on our hands!

Make it happen, Trevor.