WATCH: CiCi becomes emotional discussing case against Arthur

CiCi (Photo: Instagram/CiCi)
CiCi (Photo: Instagram/CiCi)

Johannesburg – In an interview on SABC 3’s Trending SA, CiCi became emotional when she opened up about her legal battle against ex-boyfriend Arthur Mafokate.  

The singer laid a case against Arthur in 2017 after an alleged violent altercation which resulted in her suffering injuries that included a broken pelvis.  

Since then, the pair have been in and out of court.  

Speaking on the matter CiCi said that she could not go into detail, but added that "the incident did happened."

“I cannot speak about what really happened because the case is on trial and so I don’t want to take away from the merits of the case," she said.

Adding: "But yes, the incident did happen. Yes, I did break my pelvic. I underwent four-hour surgery just to have that replaced, and physical therapy, and seeing someone professional right now.”  

The star became emotional when asked how she was coping. “I’m healing, but it’s a bit difficult because you have to go to court, and it’s like a back and forth.”  

Speaking on why she decided to tell her story, CiCi said she felt that it was her responsibility to be an example for the people who look up to her. 

“I remember coming out and people were like: ‘Aren’t you scared, cause you’re a celebrity’ and I was like: ‘Before I am a celebrity I’m actually human’. The people who actually follow my music need to understand that we are human and we experience the same things that they go through. And I would not have done justice to the young people and women especially to not come out and speak about this, because they listen to my music, and what kind of example do I then set if I protect the perpetrator.”   

In early 2018 the singer made it clear in a media post that she would not “stop fighting” to get justice. 

Watch the interview with CiCi here