WATCH: Oprah and Trevor Noah talk about avocado orchards and toilet paper on The Daily Show

Trevor Noah, Oprah Winfrey (Photo: YouTube)
Trevor Noah, Oprah Winfrey (Photo: YouTube)

Cape Town - Oprah Winfrey made her first-ever appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, to promote her new book The Path Made Clear

Ahead of her interview with South Africa's golden boy, Oprah tweeted a video of herself opening a gift from Trevor: "My first time doing @thedailyshow and I walked into this surprise from @trevornoah!"

"It's somebody that knows what I like," she exclaims while unwrapping a box containing a bottle of her favourite brand of tequila.


In other clip, Oprah walks into Trevor's dressing room while he is getting his makeup done before the show.

The comedian jokes that he asked the crew: "Who is that who looks like Oprah," when she walked passed because no one has ever walked "that way."

The pair then share a warm and friendly embrace.


After the interview, Oprah stayed for Trevor's Between-The-Scenes insert, or as she calls it "that behind-the-scenes thing you do."

In the popular insert, Trevor asked Oprah if she ever runs out of cellphone battery, or toilet paper - like us mere mortals.

To which she replies, "No," saying that after she visits the loo someone checks if anything has to be replaced, and then folds the end of the toilet paper into a neat triangle. 

During the interview, she also revealed that she always travels with her own avocados, which she grows at her home, because avocados are "ridiculous to pay for". 

Yes, avocados are too expensive for Oprah, so she grew an orchard in her backyard!