We chat to the celebs from Tropika Island of Treasure!

Tropika Island of Treasure
Tropika Island of Treasure

Cape Town - While having brunch with the celebs from Tropika Island of Treasure, we got to find out all the deets about the brand new season. Here's everything we know so far.

Nine of South Africa's hottest celebrities have been selected to be part of Tropika Island of Treasure season 7. And this time around the celebs will be jetted off to the tropical Seychelles. Jealous much? Read more about the new season and the celeb contestants here

"We are so excited about the new season of Tropika Island of Treasure Seychelles, it promises to be the smoothest season yet," says Miantha Padayachee, Brand Group Manager for Tropika.

We got to chat to contestants Anga Makubalo, Siv Ngesi, Maurice Paige and Karlien van Jaarsveld over a yummy brunch, and here's what they had to say: 

How do you feel about being part of the Tropika Island of Treasure season 7?

Anga: It's really exciting! I've always been a fan of Tropika the drink as well as Tropika Island of Treasure. So it's great to be a part of the show.
Siv: Ecstatic! I'm looking forward to the country seeing my abs. And I'm getting my body ready. I'm looking forward to the experience. I'm very competitive, so it's all about putting my best foot forward.  
Maurice: I'm not excited yet. I think that I'll only get excited when I get to the island and experience the whole vibe. 
Karlien: I'm very excited. I think it's going to be something different. And I love a challenge. I was on Strictly Come Dancing and I won. It was a great feeling! I love to be a part of things like this. But this is obviously something different. You have to be physical, strong, and swim. As well as be mentally sharp. And I just love the island!

What is your favourite Tropika flavour? 

Anga: I love the peach. I'm having the peach flavour right now. 
Siv: Pineapple. That's the one that coloured people drink on their car bonnets while having a gatsby. And I'm on the pineapple one! 
Karlien: The pineapple is my favourite one.

Do you have a specific strategy going into the game? 

Anga: Not at all. You can't prepare yourself for the mental activities really. What I can prepare for is the physical side of it. I'm actually working with Maurice and I'm using his gym programme.
Siv: The partner I have will better know how to swim. People who can swim are usually adventurous.
Maurice: I do, but I'm not going tell anyone. It might give away my plan!
Karlien: No, I'm just going. And we'll take it from there! 

What will be your strengths in the competition? 

Anga: I love being physical. That's probably where I excel the most. And that is why my partner is going to be a smart person. 
Siv: I think a lot of people think it is my fitness, but I'm actually really smart. I'm well-rounded, but I work well under pressure and I work well in a team.
Maurice: My body and my muscles. But I'm also a lot smarter than what people think. I'm ghetto smart! 
Karlien: When I put my mind to something, then I can do anything. 

What will you do with the R1m prize if you win?

Anga: I'll put it towards a house. I'm in the process of purchasing my first house. So I'll use a little bit of the money towards that. And also invest some into the community.  
Siv: R1 million is nothing, let's be honest. But I'll use the money toward a down payment on another apartment. 
Maurice: Making my production company bigger. I want to expand my brand as well as the production company. 
Karlien: I would buy a piece of land. 

Catch the brand new season of Tropika Island of Treasure in April 2017 on SABC 3.