What are all the former members of Popstars' 101 doing now?

Coca Cola Popstars 101 (Photo: Gallo)
Coca Cola Popstars 101 (Photo: Gallo)

Cape Town - Years before Idols, The Voice and X-Factor, Popstars was the reality TV singing competition, which gave aspiring musicians a taste of fame. 

Pam Andrews, Erin Samson, Ntumiseng Mokhasipe, Preston Sihlangu and Kurt Herman, won the first season in 2002, forming 101. 

The members came up with the name, after combining their ages at the time. 

The group made one album, after the instant-hit Who's It Gonna Be, but split very soon after that. Close to two decades later, we find out what happened to the members, well, other than controversial Pam Andrews... 

Kurt Herman 

Since leaving 101, Kurt Herman as gone on the make a name for himself in the local music industry.

A familiar face on Idols SA, Kurt was a backup vocalist and performance coach on several seasons, alongside his wife and business partner, Tima Reece.

The couple have two children, Ariel and Levi.

Kurt founded Bluberry Entertainment, offering a variety of recording and music production services, and produced Fiesta Fever, Chix Rock, What happens in Vegas and Electric Circus - to name just a few. 

Erin Samson 

After the group members went their separate ways, Erin Samson tried her hand at acting and played the role of Sandy in the TV drama For Sale (2007).

She was also a judge one season of the music reality competition Pump The Volume (2007).

Erin is married and has two sons, Judah and Israel. She still regularly performs, especially in the gospel genre. 

Pam Andrews

Pam Andrews turned out to be the Justin Timberlake of the group, quickly landing an acting role after 101 fell apart. Her breakout role was on the long-running e.tv soapie, Backstage (2000), followed by Thsisa (2006) and Rhythm City (2008).

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Pam took a break from Rhythm City after several seasons on the show,  to resurrect her music career, which unfortunately did not take off. She returned to our screens as Gail October in 2017.

She married French pilot Cedric Thivlin in 2008 and divorced him in 2012. She tied the knot again with businessman Voytek Pieron in early 2014 and has a son from her first marriage. 

Preston Sihlangu

Following a long absence from the music industry, relaunched his career as "Presss" in 2013.

His solo album, Black, earned him three nominations at the 13th Metro FM Music Awards. He has also accomplished significant work behind-the-scenes, including production work with award-winning club DJ Black Coffee. 

Ntumiseng Mokhasipe

Another musician to use 101 as a launchpad for an acting career, is Ntumiseng Mokhasipe, who appeared in Backstage and Isidingo.

She is yet to make a comeback after her 2008 hit O'naledi, which received rave reviews.