Why AKA and Bonang should never ever be #RelationshipGoals

Bonang Matheba and AKA (Photo Supplied)
Bonang Matheba and AKA (Photo Supplied)

Cape Town - The lavish baecations, expensive Louis Vuitton handbags and crayfish lunches. Who wouldn't envy the lives of celebrity couples? 

I get it. But the volatile breakup and makeup cycle between local "it couple" AKA and Bonang Matheba really just left me feeling kind of icky. And here's why.

Just in case you missed it, on Friday the rapper tweeted, "Sad to announce that myself and @bonang_m have broken up. We tried guys." 

The following day the couple made up with AKA tweeting, "I'm just a bit crazy & intense ... I'm sorry baby. We good."

And on Monday the rapper dropped some serious cash when he surprised Bonang with a R45 000 Gucci handbag. 

Of course, Super Mega documented the entire gesture on social media, starting with his in-store purchase to hand delivering the package to his girlfriend during her on-air radio show on Metro FM. 

Cool. I really don't have a problem with Bonang, AKA, or even their relationship. I am an entertainment journalist. Drama, scandal and all-around pettiness is what I live for!  

And to be honest who wouldn't want to to be spoiled with a designer bag by their man? 

But what made me feel a little weird inside was the comments that followed. Many followers referring to the their relationship as "couple goals" and calling Bonang "the luckiest girl in the world."

That is what I find problematic. What bothers me is that people are looking up to this "it couple" as their ideal relationship. And I have a big problem with the way people romanticise the drama and the impulsiveness that surrounds their relationship.

From the very moment Bonang and AKA became a couple the two were already caught-up in a web of drama. Let's rewind.

In February 2015, AKA and his then girlfriend, DJ Zinhle, kept their relationship very much out of the public eye. Until the couple revealed that they were expecting their first child together. And we started seeing cute date night and growing baby bump pictures on social media. 

In July baby Kairo arrived. And Bonang and her then rumoured boyfriend, D'Banj, rocked the MTV Music Awards red carpet together.

A couple of weeks later, D'Banj posted a picture of his girlfriend, Adama Indimi, calling her the "queen of my heart" and Zinhle confirmed her split from AKA. 

In September Zinhle shared an emotional post on her blog - Moments by DJ Zinhle - explaining that the reason for their split was that AKA was allegedly having an affair with Bonang. Zinhle claimed that AKA admitted to cheating rumours a week before she gave birth to Kairo.

At the time both Bonang and AKA through statements denied the claims. Bonang even threatened to sue Zinhle!

But the rapper continued to drop hints that him and Bonang were indeed together with very suspicious Instagram posts. This just speaks to the lengths that AKA will go to for media attention. Instead of focusing on his newborn baby girl and the reputation of his new love interest, he rather played games on social media.  

The first time the couple allegedly split, AKA also made the announcement on Twitter. But quickly deleted the post on Twitter saying that they are both a "little crazy" and tweeted about how they had make up sex on the carpet.

Oh, he also tweeted, "You didn't put it down unless she falls asleep right after." 

Uhm, nothing like your man sharing your most intimate details on social media. Right? 

A year into their relationship reports continue to make rounds about AKA and Bonang's toxic relationship. More recently a source close to the couple told City Press, "AKA is very controlling. Matheba is not allowed to communicate with anybody sitting around them, especially when they are at events together."

This behaviour can be confirmed by AKA's erratic actions at a Cape Town event last year, when he threw a fan's phone off a balcony for taking a picture of Bonang.

The source claimed that his friend wanted to take a picture with Bonang who was sitting on the balcony. "AKA clearly looked annoyed after he saw the flash go off."

When his friend took a second picture AKA approached them and grabbed the phone out of her hand. He shouted, "Who the fuck are you? Who said you can take pictures?" and threw the phone off the balcony.

The couple have now reportedly broken up twice, once in 2016, and once in 2017. Lots of couples break up and get back together, that's true. But AKA and Bonang constantly seems one tweet away from splitsville.

I know. I know. These are only rumours. But what's true is that the couple have been playing games since day one. Instead of dealing with their issues in a mature, adult way. The couple are constantly stirring the pot on social media with 15 minute breakups and elaborate displays of "love".

And just a tip. If a guy admits that he is "crazy" and "intense", you might want to listen and actually take notice of that.

No relationship is perfect, but one which is constantly surrounded by drama can't possibly be healthy.

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