Woolies website slip-up reveals Bonang might be getting her own bubbly!

Bonang Matheba. (Photo: Supplied)
Bonang Matheba. (Photo: Supplied)

Johannesburg – Looks like Queen B may have her very own bubbly on the way.

The drink, which is an MCC (Méthode Cap Classique), is the South African version of a champagne. The difference is that it can only be labelled "champagne" if it is made from specific grapes harvested in the Champagne region in France. But still, MCC's have been known to rival some of the best champagnes. 

The TV presenter, who recently premiered her first film at the Manchester Film Festival, has been slowly introducing her new brand, House Of BNG, to fans via posts on Twitter, not saying too much about it. 

"With love, I deliver my passion. Years in the making, and well worth the wait..... The House Of BNG. MARCH 18th 2019 (sic)," one tweet from the star reads. 

A quick visit to the Woolworths website and we found Bonang's House of BNG MCC listed in the Méthode Cap Classique section of the beverages menu, but it seems that the retail store may have taken the listing down after fans made the discovery prematurely.

Two items which were listed included the Bonang MCC Brut Rosé and the Bonang MCC Brut, both priced at R399. A little message from Bonang in the details section of the items read: "Being a Queen Bee means having everything a girl needs, including fabulous stye and personality to match. Introducing my latest little guilty pleasure - BNG - a true indulgence for yours truly, with an elegant and refreshing taste profile. Be a part of the latest trend and enjoy this traditional Méthode Cap Classique - perfect on its own or with any celebration."



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