You can now enjoy Bonang's House of BNG at your favourite bar

Bonang (Photo: Luke Tannous)
Bonang (Photo: Luke Tannous)

Johannesburg – Wondering what to drink on your next night on the town, how about Bonang House of BNG?

The MCC, which was launched on Monday and initially sold exclusively at Woolworths Food, will now be available at selected bars across the country. This is according to a post shared by Bonang herself. 

"Proud to announce, the @houseofbng has partnered with The Taboo Group.... Your new favorite bubbly will now be available at leading entertainment venues around South Africa," she wrote. 

The venues where fans can expect to order House of BNG are Taboo, Onyx, Cocoon and Vanity in Gauteng, Rich in Durban and The Bungalow in Cape Town.

A video shared along with the post promises that more details will be made available to fans soon. 

The sparkling wine has proven to be a hit with fans, selling out on the day of it's launch.

And even though critics tried to derail the presenter by pointing our a spelling error on the label of the bottle, she just shook off the mistake, noting how much she has accomplished with the drink.