Zodwa Wabantu will not perform for anything less than R35k

Zodwa Wabantu. (Gallo Images)
Zodwa Wabantu. (Gallo Images)

Johannesburg – If you’re not willing to fork out R35k then don’t expect Zodwa Wabantu to show up to your event.  

The performer made it clear in an Instagram post that she does not come cheap. 

“Know your worth, I have 6 Business friends that I can do Business Favours with. I’m not worried about going out of style. Some people don’t respect you until they wana make money off you. You think I was polished by my Team to be avarage. Ohhhh Yes I look avarage by Looks but with money. 35k That’s it [sic],” Zodwa captioned a video on Instagram.  

In the clip the star is seen flashing a large stack of money while talking about an incident in which she was offered less than her preferred amount for a gig.  

Zodwa adds that she would rather go back to her normal life than get paid R5 000 to perform.