Still no answers for Simba Mhere's family

Valerie and Simba. (Top Billing, SABC, supplied)
Valerie and Simba. (Top Billing, SABC, supplied)

Johannesburg - Four months. That's how long Simba Mhere's family has been waiting on officials for answers. The Top Billing presenter was killed in a car accident, along with his best friend, Kady-Shay O'Bryan in Johannesburg on 31 January.

Yet, since the day of the accident, the Mhere family have had no updates regarding the case against the driver who took their son's life.

"As a family we have received little to no information as to the progress of the case. The information we do get is from the media," said Simba's sister Valerie in a statement. (Read our interview with her here)

Officials have confirmed to The Juice that after many delays, the docket is now sitting with the NPA. It is up to the organisation on whether to prosecute or not. It is The Juice's understanding that the docket has been with the NPA for over a month now.

Speaking to The Juice, Valerie says that her family wants answers. In April, there was speculation that there were no witness statements. Yet numerous witnesses have come forward, insisting that they gave their statements on the day of the accident and had also not heard anything.

It's also our understanding that Kady's family have hired independent lawyers to investigate the matter, since there has been no feedback from officials.