EXCLUSIVE: Wendy P speaks out moments after fight with Nonhle

Wendy Parker and Nonhle Ndala (Instagram)
Wendy Parker and Nonhle Ndala (Instagram)

Johannesburg- Things spiralled out of control between Diski Divas reality stars, Wendy Parker and Nonhle Ndala on Friday evening. 

The ladies were invited for a live interview onto Kaya FM's Homestraight evening show, by presenters Mosibodi Whitehead and Sotho Lenkoe, who have since apologised to listeners for the explicit language and for the situation getting out of control.

Sotho confirmed on air that they had cut to the show short, after a heated argument got physical and explicit language was used on air.  

Apparently it all started because Wendy was still upset over Nonhle's comment that the other girls (Diski Divas) were not on the same level as her. Nonhle and Wendy were asked to leave the studios shortly after the presenters had to step in to referee the fight.  

The tension between the five Diski Divas: Nonhle N, Wendy Parker, Felicia Modise, Gigi Pule and Kat Mohoadube has been a talking point since the start of the reality show.  

The tension between Wendy and Nonhle has also been evident right from the start of the reality show, with sources revealing to The Juice that Nonhle isn't liked by the other ladies because of her "bad attitude." 

Our source also revealed that the camp has been divided because of the tension. 

Just minutes after the debacle Wendy spoke to The Juice exclusively, and she admitted that "a few words were exchanged." 

Wendy levelled accusations of abuse against Nonhle. "I don't like people lying and breaking other women down. I've watched Nonhle break down Kat and Felicia and I will not stand for that. We should be uplifting other women not breaking each other down," she explained. 

When questioned about how the tension between her and Nonhle started, Wendy explained that Nonhle insulted her as a woman and human being. 

"Nonhle picked on my coloured accent on live television. I am coloured and I am proud of who I am. I will never change for anyone, I am coloured and that's not going to change. How am I supposed to speak?," Wendy explained. 

Adding that she's a very open, honest and transparent person. "I am real and tell it like it is and Nonhle didn't appreciate that."