Oh no! Muvhango allegedly dumped Melusi Yeni

It seems like Melusi Yeni's streak of bad luck has followed him into the new year.

It's been reported that the former Generations star, who was fired along with 15 other actors late last year, has now been ditched by Muvhango.

And, that's just the tip of the ice berg!

According to Drum magazine, Melusi is also not in good health and may end up behind bars after failing to appear in court.

Melusi and his baby-mama have been locked in a nasty legal battle over maintenance payments since last year. "He failed to appear in court and there was not a word from his lawyers about his whereabouts," a source told the mag.

Apparently the actor's close friends have also not been able to get a hold of him - it seems as if he's in hiding.


*Picture: Elite