Omuhle opens up about her battle with anxiety

Omuhle Gela (Instagram)
Omuhle Gela (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Actress Omuhle Gela, like many of us, struggles with anxiety.

She takes meds for it, but it's in her dark hours that she's learnt to give back to others.

Omuhle has teamed up with depression and anxiety awareness groups to hold a series of high teas to bring awareness to anxiety and depression struggles.

She spoke to The Juice after a recent high tea in Johannesburg to talk about the personal inspiration behind the project.

"Depression is something we face as a society, but we aren't very well informed about. People know it, but they do not know that they suffer from depression or anxiety. Our speaker helped a lot of girls realise that they might be in danger of suffering from it and how they can get help," she tells us.

"I don't really suffer from depression but I do struggle with anxiety. I'm taking medication for it, and so the project does come from a personal space," she adds.

"I'm surrounded by friends and family who have battled depression and it made me realise how common the condition is. We need to talk about it more. Especially with social media and its pressure, people get really depressed over things things they don't need to struggle with," she tells us.

Omuhle plans to take her tea series across the country, with its next destination in Mafikeng next month.