Our 2015 fitness inspiration is Khabonina

Khabonina makes it fun for err'body (Instagram)
Khabonina makes it fun for err'body (Instagram)

Johannesburg – She won our hearts with all of her funky ideas for fitness. But it was her constant motivation and real life lessons that truly won us over.

Khabonina has dubbed herself the fitness queen. And too right! Posting daily updates on her adventures, Khabonina lets us in on her journey.

“Tjooooooooo!!! NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF !!! Look , This happens to ALL OF US -> Sometimes you feel deMotivated ... Shit happens , life happens ... You r dumped , lose your job , family member ... We are sometimes so down and out ... & don't feel like WORKING OUT , EXERCISING , ANY FORM OF JULUKMENT ... Am a I right ?? Listen to me ... ITS OK !!! But the most NB thing to do ... ??????After your #PityParty ... GET BACK UP”

She also has a blog, where she offers advice about her journey as well as tips. You can check that out here.

And in case you miss her fun filled advice, check out this message...