Reports: Agents say nanny is to blame for Bonnie's flat drama

Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)
Bonnie Mbuli (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Last week The Juice reported that Bonnie Mbuli had been forced out of her flat in Cape Town, claiming that it was because of the colour of her skin (more on that here).

But her rental agent, Marc Lunau, have rubbished the claims made by the TV personality on Twitter, saying the misunderstanding comes from Bonnie's nanny apparently not having a work permit.

"We have to know who is on the premises for obvious reasons, and for the people who are foreigners we have to make sure that they are legally in the country," Marc told The Times.

Marc says that Bonnie's nanny didn't have a work permit and added,"We cannot be held responsible for holding illegal residents in the owner's house."

Bonnie has not responded to the latest claims, but a property expert told the paper that latest Consumer Act law does not make provision for rental agents to demand the nationality or work status of anyone - not the owner or person leasing.