Reports: Anga accused of being a dead-beat dad

Anga Makubalo (Supplied)
Anga Makubalo (Supplied)

Johannesburg- Actor and musician Anga Makubalo has been accused of neglecting his responsibilities as a father. 

Sunday Sun is reporting that NaakMusiq has allegedly dumped his baby-mama, leaving her to fend for herself and their baby. 

A source claims that Anga apparently told Maggie to "voetsek" when she asked for money. 

Maggie's friends also told the paper that she is incredibly emotional about the way Anga has treated her and is thinking of going the legal route to force him to take responsibility. 

It's also believed that Maggie was so desperate, she had to ask people for money to buy food after Anga left her in the lurch. 

However, Anga has denied the claims but has admitted that things aren't a bed of roses between them. 

"Things are not the same with Maggie. I'm not on speaking terms with that woman. I take care of my child. What her friends are saying is nonsense," he added.