Reports: Kay Sibiya calls for proof over pregnancy claims

Kay Sibiya and Zookey Zarling (Facebook/Twitter)
Kay Sibiya and Zookey Zarling (Facebook/Twitter)

Johannesburg- Uzalo's Kay Sibiya has reportedly hit back at radio presenter Zookey Zarling's claims that he impregnated her. 

Two months ago it emerged that Zookey accused Kay of doing a disappearing act, after allegedly making her pregnant. (Read that story here)

Now the actor is apparently calling for proof to back up the claims. 

Speaking to Sunday Sun, Kay explained that he does not believe Zookey's claims, because she promised to take the morning after pill. 

"The condom broke and she promised to use the morning-after pill. Weeks later she told me she was pregnant and this shocked me. Now all I want is a DNA test, but she's refusing to do it. Instead, she's writing me letters about abortion and posting them on social networks," he told the paper. (Read Zookey's letter here)

Kay added that if a DNA test proves he is the father of Zookey's child, he will take full responsibility. 

But he apparently believes that Zookey is out to destroy his life. 

When contacted by the paper for comment, Zookey allegedly maintained that Kay has chosen to be an absent father. 

"Kay chose to be an absent father. To him this baby doesn't exist. He asked me to abort and I won't bother him. I've raised two teenagers already from my two ex-husbands, so Kay can go away," she apparently said.