Reports: Teko used to beat his missus

It may not be all sunshine and unicorns in the love between Teko Modise and his Fiancee Lizelle Tabane.

This after dramatic weekend reports claim that Teko has a history of beating Lizelle.

Pictures published in the Sunday Sun this past weekend show show Lizelle with a bust lip, bloody nose, head wounds and huge bruises around her eyes- evidence of an alleged attack by Teko on Lizelle two years ago.

The paper's sources claim that Teko used to beat Lizelle for no reason and she would often have to hide the bruises and wounds from friends and family.

A policeman speaking to the paper confirmed that he was called out to Teko and Lizelle's house about a year ago after she called saying "her husband was beating her for no reason. But when we got there, she quickly changed her mind," the policeman says.

Meanwhile, Teko and Liezelle are playing the happy couple. Teko recently bought his "wife" a pair of Valentino shoes and the two have been parading their love around on Instagram.

Although Teko refused to comment on these latest accusations, he has taken to Instagram to post a simple message: "remember... negative energy looks for a home in positive people"