Samkelo Ndlovu in promotion scam

Actress Samkelo Ndlovu has had it with her name being used without her permission and she wants the world to know it.

Samkelo took to Instagram on Thursday to post a picture of a priest exorcising a demon. Scary, right? Well what's more scary is the rant she went on about local promoters using her.

"When a promoter who's spoken to me once to tell me he'll call me again the next day, goes on to put my name and face on his poster without any go ahead from me. Then I get tweets from real Samurai lovers telling me they're excited I'll be in their hood. And then sends me a chain Whatsapp advertising it after office hours. Where do I even begin??," she wrote

"Why am I being whatsapped ? After office hours? Oh are we buddies? I won't even touch on his illegal use of my name and face to advertise his gig. I'm levitating right now, pray for me, bring a priest. Because I'm genuinely just not understanding," she added

"Yes it happens, it does. Sometimes you just wake up to your face on posters you know nothing about. But not like this,"she concluded.

Her fans all offered her messages of  support, including industry veteran DJ Cleo who simple commented, "Welcome to mzansi & it's promoters."


*Picture: Instagram