Samkelo tells us how to deal with the weight haters

If you're tired of people commenting on your weight gain, here's some good news. Instead of blaming it on December holidays, just follow Samkelo Ndlovu's advice.

The actress took to Instagram this week to give advice on what to do if you, like her, get confronted with people asking or commenting about those teeny tiny weight gains.

"When this girl who most probably last saw me in 2005 sees me now in 2015 and tells me I've gained weight. All I said was "no thanx", Samkelo wrote. "she stood there basking in her confusing when she's asked "what?" When I responded "no thanx, your opinion, no thanx!! Keep it, I'm okay without it. Let's talk about the weather, wasn't Al Gore right though?" She then continued to basque in her confusion as I proceeded to swerve her. Not today satan. Not today!!" she recounts.

So to recap:

Say "No thanks"

Change the topic

and Swerve

Thanks, Samkelo, now we got this!

*Picture: Instagram