Simphiwe Dana embroiled in legal battles

It's definitely been a rocky start to the year for Simphiwe Dana.

Sunday World is reporting that the musician is being taken to court by her building contractor.

The contractor claims that he did work for her, which amounted to R2500 and is now claiming R6000 from her in the small claims court for petrol and airtime used to resolve this issue, as well as the R2500.

The Firebrand singer has hit back and accused the contractor of extortion. She's opened a case of extortion and suspected house-breaking at the Norwood police station.

When contacted by the paper, Simphiwe confirmed that she got a letter to appear in court but denied it was because she didn't pay the contractor what was owed to him.

"Mr Kandira has, over the past week or so, changed amounts from R500 to R2500 to R600 without a valid reason," she said.

The contractor says he will not let Simphiwe ruin his reputation.

What a mess!

*Picture: Twitter