SNAPS: Celebs conquer Kilimanjaro for Madiba!

Proverb, Mo-G, Leanne Manas (Twitter/Instagram)
Proverb, Mo-G, Leanne Manas (Twitter/Instagram)

Johannesburg - They say if you can conquer the local entertainment industry you can conquer anything- even Africa's highest peak.

A host of celebs, including Kaya FM's Mo-G, rapper ProVerb and TV presenters Penny Lebyane and Leanne Manas, climbed to the summit of Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak, this past weekend to celebrate Mandela Day 2015.

Calling the climb one of the "hardest things" they had ever done, the group made it to the peak on Saturday, reflecting on their journey and posting pictures of their achievement.

Well done, guys! Good job!