Drama on the set of Diski Divas

The cast of Diski Divas (e.tv)
The cast of Diski Divas (e.tv)

Johannesburg - The first episode of Diski Divas aired on Sunday and an immediate talking point was Nonhle Ndala.

From the outset, Nonhle made it known that she was Queen B and was very vocal about being the centre of attention.

The drama, however, wasn't just for the cameras. Insiders have revealed to The Juice that Nonhle's bitchy attitude has caused a split amongst the ladies, with two distinct camps.

In the one group you have Nonhle and Gigi Pule (who happen to live in the same complex) versus, well, the rest.

"Nonhle wants to be the centre of attention... all the time," explains one insider.

In fact, her apparent need to be noticed has apparently even seen her telling crew members what to do. "Tensions are high. One of the ladies even cried recently after some nasty comments were made," adds another source. And it seems Nonhle's mean attitude has no barriers, mocking everybody, including Wendy Parker's 'coloured' accent.

The real-life drama has obviously spilled onto camera, and from just one episode, it was clear to see that there would be tensions. "Remember, you've just thrown a bunch of women together. They don't all like each other. They all have of their own agendas and some will obviously think they are better than the others," explains one of our contacts.

Yoh. Why can't everyone just be nice?