Thembisa Mdoda: I had to watch a guy bastardise his children

Thembisa Mdoda (Supplied)
Thembisa Mdoda (Supplied)

Johannesburg- OPW presenter Thembisa Mdoda has for the first time spoken out about swirling rumours over the paternity of her children. 

On 3 January Thembisa and her ex-husband Atandwa Kani's relationship came into the spotlight, after newspaper reports claimed that during their divorce proceedings a paternity test proved that he is not the father of her twin boys. 

At the time, Atandwa reportedly confirmed the rumours and commented on the issue, saying he was "shocked." (Read more on that here)

Despite being rocked by the scandal, Thembisa has remained relatively silent on the matter. Instead it seems that she has chosen to focus on her role as the new OPW presenter. 

During an interview with Manqoba Ngubo on, Thembisa opened up a little on the ordeal. 

Thembisa was selected to be a part of the radio station's 'Special Hosts' show, which focused on young black girls who are on the rise. 

When asked about how she handles social media hate, Thembisa said that she just doesn't pay any attention. 

"I take none of it. Dude, you think that you can wake up and attack me. Nothing on this earth is going to hell for, let them. When people attack me, I'm like come on, I'm not going to be validated by anybody." 

"It doesn't matter what people attack me about, I maintain my privacy and even though it's hard, I protect my privacy." 

When asked about women empowering each other instead of bashing each other, Thembisa explained that in her own personal life she's seen an improvement with this. 

"I'm so grateful that this stereotype that we're talking about has changed a bit with me personally because I've had so much support with everything that's been going on in my life. Guys, I had to sit and watch a guy bastardise his children for likes. Look I've been through it. I've been through it all," Thembisa said. 

"But the amount of support I'm getting from women I don't even know, from Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, women email me and send me Facebook posts... that is giving me the strength to say 'look women you are doing it'," she added.