Trevor Noah and Dave Chapelle unite amidst joke theft claims

Trevor Noah (AP)
Trevor Noah (AP)

Johannesburg- Ever since Trevor Noah took over the reins as Daily Show host, the comedian has been under scrutiny by the entire world. 

The past three weeks have not been easy for the comedian, who has received mixed reviews for his hot new gig.

Last week Trevor came under fire from US media amid joke theft allegations.

International entertainment site, The Hollywood Reporter reported that during Trevor's stand-up show at Politicon in Los Angeles, which is a comic-con style event for politics and entertainment, similarities were picked up between his jokes and that of Dave Chappelle, an American actor and comedian. 

During his set Trevor referred to himself as a 'racisim connoisseur,' which is a phrase that has been considered to be coined by Dave almost a decade ago. (Read that story here

But just days after the accusations emerged Trevor and Dave were spotted in Washington together. Trevor took to Instagram where he shared a snap of Dave and himself heading out to have lunch together. 

It seems like both Trevor and Dave remain undeterred by the negative reports and joke theft allegations. 

In another Instagram post Trevor paid tribute to actor and comedian Eddy Murphy, where he also opened up about being inspired by legends like Eddy. 

"Every obstacle, ever pain, every heartbreak, every tear- every single negative thing in your life is the fuel you must use to get you to a positive place. All I love is to make people laugh and these legends embody that love and positivity. Viva Eddy Murphy," Trevor wrote on Instagram.