Vuyo Dabula can't confirm Generations exit

Vuyo Dabula (Supplied)
Vuyo Dabula (Supplied)

Johannesburg- For months now there has been confusion surrounding Vuyo Dabula's Generations:TheLegacy exit. 

In August Generations:TheLegacy released a statement announcing that Vuyo who plays Gadaffi would be leaving the show. (Read that story here)

Fans were left shocked by the news as Vuyo plays a lead character in the soapie. 

And, then just a few weeks later The Juice reported that Vuyo had made a surprise u-turn, and was in talks with soapie producers. Our well-placed sources revealed that Vuyo had been in talks with producers and had struck a deal with them. (Read that story here)

At the time Generations:TheLegacy publicist Gaaratwe would neither confirm or deny the news telling us that they want the story to unfold and to keep viewer "intrigued" and "pleasantly surprised."

Now almost three months later Vuyo has admitted to The Juice that is there a lot of confusion surrounding his job at the soapie. 

"I cannot say whether I am leaving or staying on the soapie. Even I am confused at this stage. I was supposed to leave and then there were talks, but I cannot give a definite answer at this stage," Vuyo said. 

Adding that he has received quite a few other offers and is keeping his options open at this stage. 

Guess only time will tell if Gadaffi stays or goes!