Watch: Menzi Ngubane and Sikelelo are in love

Menzi and his Mrs are happier than ever (The Juice)
Menzi and his Mrs are happier than ever (The Juice)

Johannesburg - Ashes to Ashes actor, Menzi Ngubane and his wife, Sikelelo Sishuba opened up about their relationship in a rare interview with The Juice, explaining that their marriage is filled with romantic surprises every day.

Menzi and Sikelelo were at the season 2 launch of Ashes to Ashes and spoke to us about Valentine's Day and how they make sure they keep the spark in their relationship alive.

"I always sit and think, and come up with something that will be very nice for her. If I can book a place, a special place. The first time we were dating I took her there, so it will bring back those memories. I booked everything. The full body massage, the spa, the manicure."

Sikelelo says that for her, every day is Valentine's Day, but if she had to pinpoint the single most romantic thing Menzi has ever done for her, it was to buy her a car. "The most romantic thing he has ever done for me, is to buy me my dream car. A Merc. That was the most special thing that he has ever done."

The couple, who couldn't stop looking into each other's eyes, are clearly in love and Menzi told us that his Mrs keeps him on his toes by always planning surprises. "There are so many things. So many," he told us. To which she chimed in, "I wash your feet." A blushing Menzi says his wifey is spontaneous and doesn't need a day to be romantic. "I'll come home and she'll say 'pack the bags, we're going.' She is the best gift from God and I am very happy about that."

The happy couple even obliged us with a long smooch at the end, causing the waiting crowd of fans behind us to clap in joy. (Skip to 2.48 to watch the kiss)