Watch: Shota's UK adventures in new music video

Shota (Facebook)
Shota (Facebook)

Johannesburg - Local house veteran Shota is back! And this time he brought videos. 

In July The Juice reported how Shota was set to embark on a UK tour to introduce his talent to the Queen's people (more on that here). After a successful tour, Shota came home with a new determination to work harder and make his mark in the music industry again.

So in between sessions with Idol's artist Rhema, Shota has been putting together the music video for his new single Friday Night, which has snippets of the artist in the streets of Birmingham in the UK.

It turns out the video was shot while Shota and his team were on tour in the UK, but it was only released this month.

Even though we weren't invited *sad face* it still looks like Shota had loads of fun!

Just two quick questions: how did he get the white people to dance like that? And what's up with the alien?