Winnie Ntshaba: "My divorce had nothing to do with abuse"

Winnie Ntshaba has rubbished claims that her relationship with her ex-husband Thabo was abusive.

She spoke out to Move about these allegations that came out last year. Sources apparently claimed that Winnie revealed reasons behind her divorce at an event in 2013. "She didn't dwell on it, but did hint that the marriage was abusive. We were all shocked because no one knew that other side of the story. But after that, she went straight to her speech, without giving away too much," a source said.

But the former Generations told the mag there's no truth to these claims. She told Move: "Maybe this person was drunk when I made the speech." She said she was just sharing with other women the importance of raising a boy child. "I said because I'm raising a boy child, I need to be more careful not to reject his makoti and accept the fact that he has chosen her for a reason. We need to remember as women we were once strangers in our husbands' families and we were accepted..."

She told the mag that her divorce had nothing to do with abuse. "I've closed that chapter of my life. I was not abused and would not like to dwell on that. It's in the past."

*Picture: Instagram