Zakwe: From serving chicken to dishing out rhymes!

Zakwe (Instagram)
Zakwe (Instagram)

Johannesburg - Zakwe has come a long way from serving chicken to strangers on West Street.

You might find his album there (Read more about the Zakwe's piracy problem here) but the popular rapper no longer earns his wages on the street.

Zakwe took to social media this week to reminisce on the struggles he's had to overcome to get where he is, and reveals that he once had to hustle jobs at Nandos and Call Centres to support his fledgling career.

"I worked at Nandos West Street For More Than 3 Years And At Cell C As A Call Centre Agent, Until 28 November 2011, The Day My 1st Album Was Released." Zakwe revealed to fans.

"I Would Do Performances, Live Amp, Radio, Magazines, NewsPaper, TV Interviews Etc And Still Go To Work The Next Day."

But after his debut album went gold, and his most recent record, Impande, well on its way to the same achievement, Zakwe says rapping has replaced portuguese rolls as his bread and butter.

"Rapping Has Become My Job, It Pays My Bills, Fame Is Just A Cherry On Top, Like An Award To Prove You Are Doing Something And People Recognize," he wrote.