Zola takes shots at music industry: We simply lack patriotism

Zola (Supplied-Mzansi Magic)
Zola (Supplied-Mzansi Magic)

Johannesburg- Zola is tired of local artists doing all the work while international artists get all the money.

In a video posted to Facebook user Anakho Sofzo Sofaya’s page recently, Zola opens up about the industry and mourns the lack of love local TV and radio give to SA music.

“Sometimes when you invade a country, you don’t need guns you just need Lil Wayne. Send him with Birdman and Drake and you can change a country completely, mentally. That’s why those artists look richer than us, they look better than us and get more airplay than us and they are more South African than us…because we simply lack patriotism,” he says in the interview.

The muso has found himself on hard times in recent years, having to sell his album from the boot of his car after failing to score a substantial record distribution deal (more on that here).

Zola says local artists cannot claim to dominate the local music scene until we change the way local TV and radio works.

“Can you imagine how much SAMRO has to pay Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Jay Z every year because of airplay…while we’re the one who has to organise food parcels and do all the campaigns - breast cancer, HIV. But we do all the campaigns and Jay Z is the one that gets all the money. He doesn’t have to come here, people worship him anyway,” Zola added.

Posting snippets of the interview on his social media, Zola wrote: “When I speak I speak my mind. Reality is painful.”

Check out the video in full:

Zola 7 talking about SA radio/TV that puts americans before South Africans.

Posted by Anakho Sofzo Sofaya on Thursday, February 4, 2016