6 new series to stream that you’ve never seen

Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. (Photo: HBO)
Amy Adams in Sharp Objects. (Photo: HBO)

Cape Town - That’s quite a bold statement, isn’t it? Considering that everybody’s seen pretty much everything these days. But seriously - these series are brand-new to SA and are now available for the first time on these streaming services only. You’re welcome. 

1. Channel Zero: The No End House (Showmax)

The creepy horror anthology returns, this time with a tale about a woman looking for answers about her past in a strange house where every room is a nightmare - and there's no escape... Don't watch this alone!

IndieWire says: “Channel Zero: No-End House” Is a bingeworthy horror mindtrip that’s helping shape TV’s brand new rules … With dashes of Legion, Twin Peaks and Mr. Robot, the Syfy drama is a finely tuned creepfest that's not afraid to show it knows how to frighten you.”

2. AP Bio (Showmax)

Jack (Glenn Howerton) is a brilliant philosophy professor, but his dream job is stolen. So he takes a job at a high school - but not to teach! No, he's gonna use his genius students to get revenge and save his career in this hilarious new comedy.

AV Club says, “A.P. Bio’s pilot episode … is brisk, funny, and reliably surprising.”

3. HBO’s Sharp Objects (DStv Now)

This miniseries starring Amy Adams is based on the Gillian Flynn novel, about a reporter who returns to her hometown to investigate the murder of not one, but two, teenage girls. If you loved the film Gone Girl, also based on a Flynn thriller, you’ll find this series altogether creepier and more mysterious. 

The Guardian says, “Amy Adams is in career-best form in this mean, moody and magnificent Missouri-set murder mystery.”

4. Maniac (Netflix)

This is like a trippy Superbad reunion on (more, stronger) drugs, with Emma Stone as Annie and Jonah Hill as Owen, two flawed people who are drawn to a strange clinical trial to fix their mental health issues.

Vulture says, “The bold ten-episode series … repeatedly bounces in and out of its characters’ brains and hop-skips from genre to genre, yet somehow avoids spiraling out of control even when what transpires detours further into WTF-ville.”

5. Atypical, S2 (Netflix)

Yes, Season 1 has been on Netflix for a whole year already, but Season 2 arrived last month, and fans of the coming-of-age series about autism have been rejoicing ever since.

Forbes says: “As far as second seasons go, there is no sophomore slump to be found in Atypical. The show is as excellent as it was last year, if not more so. Its sweetness and lack of desire to be crass for crass’ sake is just refreshing in today’s modern television landscape.”

6. Forever (Amazon Prime)

Oscar (Fred Armisen) and June (Maya Rudolph) are a middle-aged couple who are unencumbered by children, are financially stable, and live a boringly comfortable life - until they decide to go skiing for the first time instead of taking their annual fishing trip. We won’t say any more in case we give something away - let’s just say, this series isn’t as predictable as it may seem.

The New York Times says, “It takes some sharp turns and goes places you didn’t expect to follow it to … It’s a narratively nimble show that’s thematically about routine, emotional fidelity and the possibility, or impossibility, of reinvention.”