7 edgy TV series to stream

Sally4Ever. (Photo supplied: Showmax)
Sally4Ever. (Photo supplied: Showmax)

Cape Town - Had enough of the lovey-dovey, cute-and-cuddly stuff? Today, it’s out with romance and in with risqué. Stream these steamy NSFW, adults-only shows this weekend - perfect for singletons and happily loved-up sick-making couples alike.

1. HBO’s Sally4Ever (Showmax)

This is romance at its worst. In this cringe-worthy British comedy, an ordinary woman, Sally, decides to ditch her long-term boyfriend and embark on a crazy affair with the free-spirited Emma. Her new relationship is a complete rejection of her previously humdrum life and features some of the most outrageous sex scenes you’re likely to see in a long time. It’s hilarious and horrendous at the same time, featuring boobs, vomit and um, poop.

2. SMILF (Showmax and DStv Now)

Bridgette Bird (played by writer, director and creator Frankie Shaw) is a young, broke single mother who wants a lot of things, but one of her most urgent desires is to get laid. In the absence of viable, interested men, Bridgette makes do with an old high school flame, her boss’s teenage son, and a sweet grocery store employee - at the grocery store. Expect full-frontal nudity and feminist sex scenes shot from the female gaze. Season 1 is streaming on Showmax and DStv Now, with season 2 coming only to Showmax in March.

3. Confess (Showmax)

Her life in pieces, 26-year-old Auburn can't afford any more mistakes. She gets a job at a Los Angeles art gallery and starts falling for Owen, the enigmatic artist who is working on an exhibition of strangers’ confessions. Their romance blossoms deliciously slowly and there’s an almost unbearable amount of chemistry between the two of them - until Auburn discovers that Owen has a secret that could destroy them both. And so could his confession.

4. The Girlfriend Experience (Showmax)

Called "utterly binge-worthy" by critics, this captivating drama follows several women who lead double lives as professional escorts. But it's not just about the sex - they provide much more. Season 1 focuses on Christine, played by Riley Keough (who happens to be the granddaughter of Elvis Presley), a law-firm intern who “likes control, likes thrill and likes money”, and so starts moonlighting as a high-end escort, which works perfectly for her and for her very satisfied clients. Strictly no under-18s.

5. Riverdale (DStv Now)

By season 3, we’re all well aware that Riverdale is much darker, steamier and more downright bonkers than the Archie comics ever were. This season kicks off with Archie in juvie, and there are plenty of beautiful shirtless boys to ogle in the first two episodes, currently streaming on DStv Now. But perhaps the raunchiest episode of this season (racy enough to rival the Varchie shower scene in the premiere episode of Season 2) is coming up in episode 5, when Veronica sneaks in to visit Archie in the locker room of a teen fight club...

6. Russian Doll (Netflix)

Co-written by star Natasha Lyonne and Leslye Headland, who has become “the most beloved R-rated voice in indie comedy”, co-created by Amy Poehler, Lyonne and Headland, and with each of the eight episodes directed by a woman, this “raunchy riff on the Groundhog Day formula” is a series for and about women. Specifically, video game designer Nadia, who is doomed to relive the same night - her 36th birthday party - over and over again. Don’t hold your breath for racy sex scenes; while trying to figure out the glitch that’s got her repeatedly dying and coming back to life, there are deeper things on Nadia’s mind than shagging. But there’s something undeniably sexy in Lyonne’s sheer physicality, her potty mouth, her swagger and her smoker’s voice, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off her.

7. I Love Dick (Amazon Prime)

If Russian Doll is relatively tame when it comes to sex, I Love Dick is the complete opposite. Kathryn Hahn plays Chris, a married woman who falls deeply and desperately in lust with a cowboy sculptor and writes detailed, graphic letters to him about her fantasies. “I Love Dick slowly becomes such an unflinching meditation on intimacy that it’s just as hard to keep watching as it is to look away,” writes Vox - so if you’re looking for a no-holds-barred series that explores desire, lust and sexual expression from the point of view of women, this is the show for you.