A troublesome sister duo joins Legacy

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Lea Vivier and Mila Guy in Legacy.
Lea Vivier and Mila Guy in Legacy.
Photo: M-Net
  • Two new characters are joining the M-Net telenovela Legacy.
  • Lea Vivier and Mila Guy will play troublesome sisters Maddie and Chloe Evans, who make their debut on Monday, 23 May.
  • In this Q&A, we learn more about their characters and what it was like playing sisters, and they tease a bit about their intriguing storyline.

Step aside, Price sisters; there's a new sister duo making their way into the world of the M-Net telenovela, Legacy. According to a press release, the very troublesome sister duo will add some flare to the Legacy storyline.

Lea Vivier, best known for her role in the Showmax thriller Dam, plays Maddie Evans, and Mila Guy, best known for her role in the kykNET series Hotel, plays her younger sister Chloe. Lea is also the real-life sister of Trix Vivier, who plays Petra Potgieter.

In this Q&A, we learn more about their characters and what it was like playing sisters, and they tease a bit about their intriguing storyline.

Before joining the cast, were you a fan of Legacy, and what did you think about the show?

Lea Vivier: I was definitely invested in and a huge supporter of the show due to my sister's involvement (Trix Vivier). Before Legacy Season 1 started filming, I auditioned for Petra and Lexi's role, so naturally, I was very interested to see how it turned out. Unfortunately, I couldn't follow the show in its entirety because we travel a lot for work (during Season 1's premiere, I was filming Dam Season 1 in the Eastern Cape), so we don't always have access to (or time for) television/DStv/Showmax. But my mother is a fervent supporter of the show, so she makes up for me! She cannot wait to watch both her daughters in the same show, and I must admit - I'm also very excited! I thought Trix did a stellar job, of course! I thought Legacy maintained an impeccable standard, and I remember thinking, "finally, the world can see the quality of telenovelas that the South African film and television industry can produce!"

Mila Guy: I was a fan of Legacy before joining the cast and the show. It was so action-packed and beautiful and different for South African TV that we hadn't seen it for a while. I think it is such a beautiful show and very diverse. It's very cool for me to be part of it.

Michelle Botes as Angelique and Lea Vivier as Madd
Michelle Botes as Angelique and Lea Vivier as Maddie Evans.

Can you tell us about your character and what attracted you to the role?

LV: Oh, Maddie (Madeline Evans) is a huge troublemaker! She definitely has a personality disorder. Michelle (Botes) and I always jokingly said that Maddie is Angelique's protégé. But, having said that, it is the actor's job to understand the character they're portraying. I understood Maddie, even though I didn't (and don't) agree with her behaviour and/or choices. She comes from a broken home, and her mother only ever taught her the art of competition, jealousy, and coming out on top. Maddie and her sister, Chloe, were abandoned by their parents (due to her father's fraud) and were entirely left to their own devices. She grew up privy to her parents' scheming, emotional manipulation, lies, and deceit. So one can understand her behaviour because it's all she knows. I absolutely adore portraying these types of characters because it's so different from what I know and my own life. So it requires a lot of character research, homework, and empathy.

MG: Chloe is a very shy character living in her sister's shadow. What attracted me to the role was the sister relationship; I think there are always stories with romantic relationships, but this is more of a sister relationship, a friendship, and I wanted to see where it would go and what it would mean and what the dynamic would be of two sisters.

Can you reveal a bit about your storyline without giving away too much?

LV: Let's just say that Maddie's will to win knows no bounds, and she'll do anything to anyone to get what she wants.

MG: Chloe comes into the story with Maddie, her sister, and Maddie schemes and does a lot of bad. I would say Chloe helps along, but who knows for how long?

Mila Guy as Chloe in Legacy.
Mila Guy as Chloe in Legacy.

You play a pair of sisters who are very different from each other how did you create that sisterly dynamic?

LV: I have known Mila for more or less five years, and I filmed my very first feature film (Wonderlus) with her, where we portrayed the two female leads. So we're familiar with one another and have an established camaraderie. Suffice to say; she is a wonderful and very giving actor. And we both have sisters (I have two), so we understand what that dynamic looks like and how it feels.

MG: Luckily, Lea and I know each other from a previous film that we did, Wonderlus. We were in the movie together, but we didn't have scenes together, so this was my first time working with her, and it was amazing. We were comfortable with each other, and I think that dynamic worked and because Lea is such a good actor, you can feed off her energy. It was amazing for me to play alongside her, and hopefully, we did portray that sisterly bond.

Was there anything particularly challenging about taking on these roles?

LV: Portraying characters that are somewhat emotionally and psychologically disturbed is always challenging in and of itself. But that comes with the territory. So I'd say the most challenging thing about the project is the insane pace at which you're working (to finish the day's scenes). Sometimes there isn't time to do retakes, and you have to 'move on' even though you feel like you could've done much better. So it's difficult to walk away from a set and not beat yourself up about a scene you thought you could've played better. I struggle with that, but there's nothing a warm bath and delicious glass of red wine cannot fix. 

MG: As Mila, I was a bit nervous about Chloe's wardrobe; her clothes were very short, and the bikini scenes. But other than that, it was lovely playing Chloe and being on set, and the cast and crew were amazing; everyone was so welcoming. They created a safe space where we could play with our characters.

Lea as Maddie and Mila as Chloe in Legacy.
Lea as Maddie and Mila as Chloe in Legacy.

What has the experience been like working on Legacy?

LV: I loved the cast and crew! I made best friends with some of the cast and crew members (for instance, I've never worked with Kate [Normington] before, and I am a huge fan). I honestly think we have some of the most hard-working film crews in the world, and Legacy once again confirmed this for me. So I enjoyed every second. It's long hours and long days, but when "you're all in it together", it creates a team spirit and unparalleled energy/atmosphere to anything else I know. There's no place like a film set. It's what every actor (I'd think) is addicted to.  

MG: As soon as Lea and I walked on set, everyone was genuinely accommodating, and we felt at home. I felt like I belonged there, and it was because of the crew and the cast. I was very fortunate to be on Legacy. It's always fun for me to be on different sets with people I haven't worked with, constantly learning from other people. Because it was English, I mainly work in Afrikaans, it was nice to speak another language again and work with other actors that I hadn't work with yet and get to learn from them and other directors. It was so rewarding and so beautiful, and I wish it could continue for another season, but hopefully, there will be more English work in the future.

Legacy airs Mondays - Thursdays at 19:00 on M-Net (DStv 101).

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