Bachelor SA contestant: I still struggle with Lee's reasons for not giving me a rose

Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto on 'The Bachelor SA'. (Photo supplied: M-Net)
Jacqueline Ramos-Pinto on 'The Bachelor SA'. (Photo supplied: M-Net)

Cape Town – In the latest episode of The Bachelor SA, Lee Thompson, took the crucial next step in his quest to find Ms Right – meeting the parents (and family).

Unfortunately for Jacqueline, the hometown date was the end of her journey on the reality dating series.

The 29-year-old teacher from Johannesburg had a tumultuous time on the show as she constantly doubted her connection with Lee and making it to the top 3 without having the experience of a one-on-one date.

We spoke to Jacqueline about not getting a rose after her date, being called insecure and forming lifelong friendships on the show.

After the hometown date did you feel more secure about your connection with Lee? Were you surprised that you didn’t get a rose that night?                                     

I absolutely did feel a lot more secure about my connection with Lee, bringing him home felt like the final step in falling in love with him. I felt that our hometown visit couldn’t have gone better and so it was a complete blindside when I didn’t get a rose. I was left feeling confused after his reasoning too. How could anyone not be in their element when around their family, especially after not seeing them for an extended period of time, they’re my comfort, and it was the most normal part of the entire experience. I also found it difficult to hear that he felt that I wasn’t consistent throughout my journey with him and that he wondered if I would be able to be that same Jax he experienced when seeing me with my family. I believe that had he given me at least one one-on-one date it would have allowed him to have seen this. To be honest, I still struggle with his explanation, but I believe that the right person will recognise all that I am, and love me for it.

Jacqueline and Lee on The Bachelor SA.

During your hometown date, your friend asked Lee some tough questions. Do you think this played a role in you not getting a rose?

Not at all, well, I would hope not. Kiki’s tough questions were a reflection of the love she has for me. It’s completely understandable that any of our loved ones would have some tough questions about a relationship being developed in this unconventional environment.

You have been labelled as being insecure by viewers and ladies in the house. After seeing things play out on TV how do you feel about how you came across?

I believe that it takes great strength and courage to be vulnerable and transparent about our emotions, to have been labelled insecure was and still is disheartening. I think that it shows a lot more insecurity to hide genuine and honest feelings behind the facade of an always "put together" person. It’s not honest or realistic. I’ve had many people relate to me throughout the show and express that they felt that my reaction to certain situations was precisely the reaction they would have had. I put shame and fear aside throughout this journey, which is why I was so forthcoming with my inner workings throughout the show. I was vulnerable and emotionally honest throughout, and I’m proud of that.

Jacqueline and Lee on The Bachelor SA.

Why do you think you never got a one-on-one date?

At the time I really believed that it was because Lee felt that he knew me and felt secure in our growing connection. That he perhaps felt unsure of other connections and needed that alone time to figure it out. To this day it hurts, no girl wants to feel undeserving, especially when looking back on everything, I really did put myself out there throughout and always tried to make sure that Lee saw my commitment to wanting to develop what we had.

You’ve been vocal about how you see Lee and Michelle R’s relationship. Why have you specifically been so critical about her?

Have I? It’s so strange when people say this because it was just related to an odd moment in which she lied about her date and then suggested I search her for a rose. My strange response to this was only really due to a very awkward and strange situation. Throughout our time in the mansion, Michelle would play mind games with us girls so at that point I could do nothing but laugh at an uncomfortable and confusing situation.

Jacqueline on The Bachelor SA.

Jozaan was very emotional when you left. How do you build a friendship when you are dating the same guy?

It’s strange, and it’s not that you expect to form friendships with the ladies when entering into an environment that is focused on vying for the same man’s attention, but somehow you do. The production team cast such phenomenal women and from the get-go bonding with these ladies was inevitable. I think the fact that we were all so isolated from the outside world and were sharing an experience that no one else in the country had experienced really bonded us. I know that I’ve made friends for life with some of the ladies, with Jozaan in particular. We were each other’s strength throughout this journey, and I definitely found a forever friend in her.

Are you still looking for love?

I am definitely still on the search for love. I believe that a relationship is about two completely separate people on two completely different journeys - choosing to walk their separate journeys together. This to me is beautiful, and it’s what I aspire to have within a relationship.


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