Chris Evans loses two TV shows in one week

Chris Evans (AP)
Chris Evans (AP)

Los Angeles  - Chris Evans' TFI Friday has been dropped.

The feel-good show, which ran through the 90s, was briefly resurrected last year for a short series but, despite its success, Channel 4 have decided not to recommission it.

A spokesperson said: "TFI was never commissioned as a long-running series so there are no plans for it to return."

The news that the programme won't hit screens this year will no doubt come as another blow to Chris, who fronted the first five series out of the six, as he was recently forced to announce he won't be returning as the host of Top Gear.

A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "It's not great news for Chris after losing 'Top Gear', but there isn't the appetite to bring back TFI again.

"Chris is seen as a nightmare to deal with and I don't think they want the hassle that comes with it."

The 50-year-old presenter - who signed a three-year deal with the BBC to host the revamped motoring show late last year - has decided to turn his back on the car programme after he was heavily slated for his hosting skills every week.

It's now thought Chris' co-host Matt LeBlanc - known for portraying Joey Tribbiani in Friends - will front it alone.

A source said at the time: "Matt is going to get the big job on his own. There are already active negotiations and he's almost certain to sign now that he doesn't have to work with Chris. Chris won't be replaced but Matt will become the star presenter surrounded by the existing team."

Meanwhile, TFI Friday first hit screens in 1996, it ran for six series until 2000 before it was dropped and resurrected 15 years later for a one-off series