From jealousy to awkward bonfires - Grant and Precious open up about their time on Temptation Island

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Precious and Grant
Precious and Grant
Photo: Showmax
  • Temptation Island South Africa couple Grant and Precious chat about their experiences on the show and how it affected their relationship.
  • The pair opened up just after their final bonfire together.
  • Watch the Temptation Island South Africa reunion on Thursday, 25 November, to see if anything has changed between them since then.

The Temptation Island South Africa reunion airs this Thursday on Showmax, bringing together the four couples who put their relationships through the ultimate test - with contrasting results. 

In this Q&A, we hear from Grant and Precious, who opened up about their experiences on the show just after the final bonfire.

Things may or may not have changed since then, but here's what they had to say after being reunited at the end of the show.

How are you feeling about what happened at your first bonfire together? 

Precious: I feel good. I'm glad I chose Grant because when I came to the island I did want to leave with him. My experience in the villa was amazing and I don't have any regrets. 

At the moment, I probably look like the bad guy because I've got Grant here, Dain here, and it looks like I'm playing with people's feelings. But that's not the full story! 

Grant: I chose Precious. We came into something together and we got to leave together. What we have is a heavenly thing. 

The things that we saw at the other bonfire sessions were never the full picture, it was literally just a glimpse. It just goes to show that communication is key because things can be perceived a certain way. But in the end, I'm happy. I've got my girl by my side and I'm coming out of this happier. 

Precious and Grant
Precious and Grant

Did you have a serious discussion after the final bonfire? 

Precious: I don't think that Grant and I have had enough time to speak about everything we want to speak about, but after the bonfire we did get to speak and I feel like I got a lot of clarity. 

I know that I was saying that I could possibly leave here single, but that was just based on the fact that I felt hurt by Grant's message to me. When he was able to explain that to me, I felt more at ease and I understood what he was saying. 

Grant: At the bonfire there were so many things - we had so many questions and so much on our minds. As much as it was intense (because we wanted answers), at the same time, we also needed to be reassured. 

We also had to ask some questions of ourselves. The most important side of this is that we both learned things individually that we can now incorporate into our relationship and make it stronger. Yes, there are some things to discuss, but they're not major obstacles. It's something we can get through together. 

What did you learn about yourselves and your relationship? 

Precious: About myself - I learned that I'm actually a really strong woman. I broke down a lot in the villa, but I was able to bounce back each time, and I was better and stronger whenever I did. Being in the villa, I learned that I don't need to depend on a man, which I've been doing for quite a long time with Grant. I also learned a lot about my self-confidence. I definitely grew. I stayed 100% true to myself, and I see growth and development. 

With regards to our relationship, I realised there are times where I can be quite demanding and always want to be right. In the villa, I learned the importance of hearing someone else out and listening and communicating as well, so I will take that into our relationship going forward. 

Grant: The thing I learned personally is that I always thought that I wasn't a people's person -- I belong in front of a computer. I never really chatted to people much. My communication was so bad. This journey has taught me that I'm actually a bubbly person. I really enjoy interacting with other people, and that was one of the things in our relationship that I was lacking. When I used to speak to Precious, it was just small talk and never really deep. But being on the island got me in situations where I had deep and meaningful conversations, and this is something I'm excited to bring to the relationship. 

I also never wanted to be vulnerable in front of Precious. I just wanted to be a "strong pillar". Being on the island, I realised that vulnerability is not a weakness; it actually takes a lot of guts to show them how you're feeling. 

Precious and Grant
Precious and Grant

Were there any points in this process that you felt really worried about your relationship? 

Precious: In the beginning, the first bonfires were very difficult for me. I always said I might break if I see Grant falling for someone else. He and Nicole looked very close at that point, and I was a bit fearful that she might be a person that he could leave the island with. 

Grant: Throughout the journey, I wasn't really worried about our relationship. I was just worried that I saw Precious having fun, staying true to her feelings. But the second time I saw her making out with Dain, it hit me. But I realised that she was on her own journey, and although it made me quite emotional at the time, I had to respect that. 

Were you jealous about her relationship with Dain at all? 

Grant: I was not jealous; it was more a sense of "I don't want to lose Precious". I wasn't jealous; I was just scared of losing her. Precious is a really amazing person, and I realised I wasn't fully appreciating her. I lost track of appreciating her and showing her her worth, and I can't believe it took me this long to get it right, but I can't wait to start showing her how much I appreciate her. 

What were some of your highlights on Temptation Island? 

Precious: For me, the highlights were meeting all the guys in the villa. They are such amazing people, and I really appreciated the fact that I was able to form many friendships in the villa. I think the biggest highlight for me was when I realised that I'm a really confident girl. 

Grant: My highlight was the moment that the single ladies all walked in for the very first time! I was like, "Oh my word." There was a beautiful lady on my left, on my right, in front of me, behind me. I was like, "What's going on, I'm not used to this!" 

Another highlight was my personal growth. I never realised I was capable of growing like this! But the last highlight is probably the fact that I was constantly thinking of Precious, and I can truly say I missed her, and I love her. 

Precious and Grant
Precious and Grant

What can we expect at the reunion from you two? 

Grant: At the reunion, you can expect us both to be there together after everything. We'll be happier, we'll be stronger, and if there's any videos of each other that they want to show, then we'll be ready! We feel like there might be some catfights at the reunion, though.

Precious: For me, I feel that Grant and I should be together at the reunion. I just hope we get to go through everything that we need to because I just want to be clear in the way that I feel towards him and not hold back like I did before. I know there's going to be drama at the reunion because I feel like a lot of people weren't real. 

Who wasn't being real? 

Precious: I don't want to name-drop, but there were personalities that I feel like were just over the top. I also heard rumours that one of the singles actually has a girlfriend on the outside world! People were hiding alcohol in the villa. I was getting angry because I wanted gin and people were hiding it for themselves! 

Grant: I don't feel like anyone in our villa was being fake, but there definitely were certain people who portrayed themselves a certain way but then as time went by, they started to reveal their true colours. You could see some personality switches! 

Find out if anything's changed since they watched Temptation Island South Africa together at the reunion on Showmax this Thursday, 25 November. 

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