Here's how 'Suits' will address Meghan Markle's character in the new season

Suit up for the new season! (M-net)
Suit up for the new season! (M-net)

Cape Town – After seven long seasons of will-they-won't-they, season seven of Suits saw Mike Ross and Rachel Zane tie the knot and finally ride off into the sunset as Patrick J. Adams and Meghan Markle both exited the show.

But with Adams set to return for the ninth and final season, we're curious to know what will happen with Meghan Markle's character. 

On his exit, Patrick J. Adams told the Hollywood Reporter that he felt Mike's character arc was complete, and in his personal life, he wanted to dedicate more time to his family. The Duchess of Sussex, of course, had royal responsibilities of her own that coincided with Adams's departure, including planning the royal wedding.

Nevertheless, we're sure fans of the show are concerned about what Adams's return, without Meghan, will mean for the couple. 

In an interview with ET, Adams reassured viewers that they don't have to worry about the couple's relationship status, as he hinted that Rachel wouldn't be replaced in the series with a new love interest. "We're happy. I promise you they're happy," he said. 

"For Mike, this is just a trip to New York," he explained. "He's in Seattle, [Mike and Rachel] are building their life together; it sounds like he's doing well." 

As for how Suits will address Meghan Markle's character in the new season, he said, "There's some obvious acknowledgement that she's still there and a part of the show." 

"There are phone calls with Rachel," he says, "saying, 'Goodbye, I love you'." 

The final season of Suits premieres on Wednesday, 17 July in the US.