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City Press review: Survivor SA: Philippines 

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)

Day and time: Thursday, 19:00

Rating: 3/5

The sixth season of Survivor SA has kicked off in the Philippines and Nico Panagio is back to host the show.

Unfortunately, it has again returned with a list of mostly white South Africans – only six of the 18 contestants are black.

As a Survivor watcher, I’ve noticed what appears to be a pattern where the minority group is quickly voted off the show by their white counterparts.

Despite this, the reality show that tests the intellect, physical strength and social skills of its contestants promises an interesting sixth season.

The 18 South Africans chosen for the latest season are all said to be Survivor superfans.

For 39 days, on a cluster of remote islands in the Philippines, they’ll finally be given a chance to outwit, outplay and outlast their compatriots as they face each other, extreme weather, creepy-crawlies and a lack of food.

The next few weeks promise to be entertaining and full of drama.

City Press review: The Wedding Bashers

Channel: M-Net (DStv 101)

Day and time: Sunday, 18:00

Rating: 3/5

The second season of The Wedding Bashers is here and, while the show promises more awe-inspiring weddings, there have been a couple of changes to the reality TV show.

The format is simple enough: A team of judges shows up at weddings across South Africa and scrutinises the celebrations. The weddings are not necessarily expensive, but are usually out of the ordinary and showcase the flair and creativity – sometimes with mixed results – of South Africans who are tying the knot.

Notably, there have been big changes to the judging panel. Celebrity chef and food expert Siba Mtongana has been replaced by Great South African Bake Off judge and celebrity chef Zola Nene, and former Miss SA Cindy-Nell Roberts has been replaced by another Miss SA, Bernelee Daniell.

Fortunately for fans of the show, the bashers’ resident entertainment queen Denise Zimba and wedding planner Zavion Kotze are back for the second season.

This year’s season starts with a “give back” series of episodes in the form of a four-week special called With Love. In the series, the four bashers take a step back from scrutinising weddings to give four surprise weddings to deserving couples who’ve faced difficulties that have stopped them from going down the aisle.

The bashers pull together the couples’ dream wedding using their wish lists and surprise the couple with their special day.

First in the series is couple Kelly and Damien, who have gone through a great deal of heartbreak after Kelly’s parents, sibling and friend died of cancer.

The tremendous losses not only left them heartbroken, but also broke and unable to afford a wedding. But thanks to the wedding bashers, the couple were able to have the fairytale wedding they’d hoped for.To survive this year’s season of Wedding Bashers, I recommend you come ready with a sense of humour and a box of tissues.