Make a note! Hilarious new local series starring Brümilda van Rensburg and Annelisa Weiland kicks off on TV tonight!

Brümilda van Rensburg and Annelisa Weiland in Lui maar op, Belinda. (Photos supplied)
Brümilda van Rensburg and Annelisa Weiland in Lui maar op, Belinda. (Photos supplied)


Channel24 got a sneak peek at the first few episodes of kykNET's brand new sitcom Lui Maar Op, Belinda and here's what we thought.

Belinda is a South African film and TV icon whose star has fallen.

Instead of appearing in front of the cameras, she's now working behind the cash register at a general store in George.

But despite her dwindling celebrity status, the aging actress still clings to her fame.

And so, the backdrop is set for a hilarious new local TV show titled Lui Maar Op, Belinda.

Starring Brümilda van Rensburg, as Belinda Swanepoel, and Annelisa Weiland, as Annetjie Nel, the well-written new show is sure to be a hit with audiences when it premieres on kykNET (DStv 144) on Monday, 8 July at 20:00.

Whenever the two stars - both known for their renowned work in local soapies Egoli and 7de Laan - share the screen during the show, magic happens. There's a rhythm between the two actresses that's electric even though they've never worked together on the same project ever before.

Conceptualised by Marcel Spaumer with main writer Chris Vorster, the show is the perfect blend of old and new. The stellar cast are well-known on SA screens, but the story is fresh and exciting. Add to that the youthfulness of newcomer Wian Taljaard and you've got a winning recipe.

Filmed at Atlantic Film Studios in Cape Town, this feel-good Afrikaans sitcom is absolutely worth the watch if you just want to get rid of that nagging Monday feeling. Watch, laugh, and enjoy!


Watch Lui Maar Op, Belinda on kykNET (DStv 144) every Monday at 20:00.