Survivor SA's Murischa on Tom: If I was him I would be quite embarrassed

Murischa Martheze is the fifth castaway to be eliminated in Survivor SA: Philippines. (Photo: M-Net)
Murischa Martheze is the fifth castaway to be eliminated in Survivor SA: Philippines. (Photo: M-Net)

Cape Town – After another drama filled episode of Survivor SA: Philippines Murischa Martheze became the fifth castaway to be voted off the island.

The tribal shuffle of the previous week was the 34-year-old’s downfall as she went from being safe in her alliance in Mindanao to an outsider in Visayas.

Even though she was a swing vote she couldn’t solidify an alliance in the new tribe. 

We chatted to Murischa about her beef with Tom, her game plan and wearing Stacey-Lee’s shirt after gunning for her. 

At tribal council you mentioned that you were partially in the game. Did you at any point want to go home?

I wasn’t ready to leave the game. I admitted to Nico that I was partially in the game only because I hated the fact that we lost and it was my first loss. For me it sucked that I disappointed the tribe because I am good at puzzles and I messed up the last leg of that challenge. I was ultimately to blame. Overall losing got to me and Tom messing with my head at tribal. But at no stage did I want to leave the game.

So, it didn’t surprise you that you got voted out?

Not really. I didn’t form any bonds with them so I wasn’t expecting them to be 100 percent loyal to me. Yes, both alliances needed me for their own game plan. I was slightly disappointed that Palesa voted for me. I knew Tom and Chané would vote for me. He called me a dead-weight so that was obvious. I think being vulnerable was to my detriment and it gave Tom the gap that he needed to convince everyone else. Even though they were the very people who put me in that situation because they were difficult and unbearable to play with.

Tom had quite a lot to say about you. What are your thoughts on Tom and how is playing the game?

I am very disappointed in him. I think he is playing a bad game and he is exposing himself more and more. At the start of the game he came across as this hero and generally nice guy. But I think the game is getting to him. He is coming across a lot more aggressive and he is extremely forceful. Even the way he spoke to all of us, we cowered down. He is so forceful! I think he is playing a bad game, I think he is hurting himself and if I was him I would be quite embarrassed. He was ready to gun for me only because his ego was hurt and I told him to shut up and he couldn’t take that. I am very happy he played that idol and that I got to him that he felt that vulnerable to play it.

What went through your mind when Palesa got up to retrieve that immunity idol?

I was shocked! I knew that she had access to an idol because she told me that as part of her plan to recruit me and get me to vote with them. In the history of Survivor there has never been an idol at tribal council. She was super-bold but I don’t expect anything less from Palesa. I was very proud of her in that moment. I really admired that move. I wish I had found a freaking clue because it could have gotten me closer to Nico and I would have had the upper hand. 

Are there some things that you are seeing unfold on television that is surprising you?

Seeing all the personalities of the contestants.

It’s nice to see my ex-Midnanoa guys and how they are surviving on each of their islands. I was a bit surprised at PK and Tevin confronting Marthinus like that. For a moment I felt very sorry for him because I am quite protective of him. He says the worst things but he is such a great, sweet guy and hilarious. He looked so vulnerable in the moment. They were like the mafia!

It also surprised me that Werner, Toni and Jeanne had no idea that Ace and Josie were looking for a clue because I know that they are better and smarter players than that.

When we spoke to Stacey-Lee she was surprised that you were gunning for her especially because she gave you her shirt. 

I saw her out me on the site! What she didn’t say is that I told her I would only vote for her if she gave me her shirt. I was so sick of that yellow t-shirt I was wearing and that shirt is my favourite colour. So I asked her for her shirt. It felt weird wearing it the next day.

I told the guys I feel like I am wearing a dead person’s shirt. I am happy that she was surprised by that because it meant that I was lying to her quite well. And that was my intention. I wanted them to think that I wasn’t playing as hard as I was behind the scenes. So I am glad that I shocked her and I am sure Jeanne was shocked too. They all thought that I was in an alliance with them and I was just their puppet going along with the flow.

Who do you think can win the game?

I am siding with my Mindanao guys because they are so strong. Watching the show last night and seeing them go into that challenge those people are Amazon men and women. There is no competition. I really hope that Tevin, Toni or PK get to the final three and that one of them wins. Because they each deserve it for different reasons. My fourth person would be Marthunis.

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